Advantages of G5® Deep Tissue Massagers for Physical Therapy

Physical therapists have used G5® deep tissue percussion massagers for over 65 years because they deliver better outcomes and less pharmaceutical usage among patients.

Many other muscle massage guns on the market do not offer patients the comfort they need. Most “percussion massage guns” marketed online simply move back and forth in a harsh, repetitive motion with limited speed settings. The result is that many patients do not meet treatment goals; in fact, many of these devices can even harm patients and create greater discomfort.
That is where G5® products stand out. Nuanced movement, gyrational pulsations, percussion, and vibration meet with our Directional-Stroking® and Directional Percussion™ technology. Our massage tools offer adjustable speeds, comfortable amplitudes, and multidirectional movement to provide true pain relief and therapeutic value.

Our wide assortment of percussive therapy applicators are well-suited for specific procedures, such as trigger-point reduction, deep tissue massages, and more. We offer both corded and cordless portable massage guns to provide therapists with the device that works best for their unique practice. Even better, each G5® deep tissue massage gun offers a range of different speeds to ensure maximum versatility.
Target the exact muscle groups that ail your patients. G5® full-body massagers can reduce muscle soreness, muscle tension, and muscle pain all over the body thanks to our wide selection of gadgets, adapters, and interchangeable head attachments that you can choose to best suit your patients’ unique needs.
You can quickly master G5® products thanks to their intuitive designs. Many customers feel that their G5® handheld massagers are extensions of their own hands after limited use thanks to their ergonomic design, meaning that G5® massagers are often less taxing to use than other brands.
Our devices come with a respectable warranty, because we know our devices are reliable. It’s why physical therapists all over the world have consistently chosen G5® for over 60 years.

Applications of G5® Physical Therapy Devices

Physical therapists and other professionals use G5® products in a variety of settings and procedures, with applications tailored to each patient’s needs.

Improved Range of Motion

The entire idea behind G5® devices is versatile and effective vibration and percussive therapy, which research shows can temporarily increase range of motion for targeted areas by means of edema and fluid viscosity reduction.* Specifically, G5® massage heads can generate heat, which promotes circulation. This activity, in turn, helps mobilize edema fluids, restoring mobility to the affected area.

Furthermore, some studies show that vibration therapy is more effective than a massage session alone in reducing post-exercise buildup of lactic acid in the blood,* leading to reduced body muscle stiffness.

Reducing Muscle Spasms

Proper use of G5® products can relax sore muscles. This relaxation allows you to better manipulate the affected area to reduce back pain, muscle spasms, and other patient concerns.

Soft Tissue Treatment

Our devices offer the gentle yet effective touch that your patients deserve. G5® massage therapy devices can help patients maintain mobility within the structures of ligaments, tendons, fascia, and muscle tissues to reduce atrophy and adherent scars.

Increasing Circulation

Higher frequency vibration from our devices can induce vasodilation, resulting in increased blood flow. This activity brings nutrients and oxygen to localized areas, which can promote healing.

Trigger-Point Therapy

G5® trigger-point massagers relieve localized tension of hypersensitive areas through passive continuous motion, helping to reduce overall body pain.

Enhanced Lymphatic Drainage

G5® devices offer multidirectional movement and various speed levels to provide detoxification of lymphatic systems through mobilization of lymphatic fluids and drainage of excess tissue fluids, which research has shown can result in accelerated regeneration of lymph vessels.*

Myofascial Release

Professionals use G5® massagers for myofascial release, which research suggests can result in improved myofascial outcomes, such as improved range of motion of the treated area, enhanced pain relief, and reduced muscle tension.*

*G5® devices mimic the functionality of the devices used in these studies.
Disclaimers – G5® devices should only be used under the direct supervision of licensed medical professionals.