Our Comprehensive Product Range

We offer a diverse range of devices tailored for healthcare professionals across physical therapy, respiratory therapy, and spa & beauty sectors.

With different speed settings, massage head attachments, stall force and amplitude selections, you can choose the percussion massager to best suit your patients’ unique needs.

Tailored Solutions for Your Practice

Discover the perfect G5 device to complement your treatments, enhance patient outcomes, and strengthen your practice’s reputation for excellence.

When using other percussion massage guns and mini massage guns on the market, patients often describe the linear back-and-forth motion of the percussive therapy to be an uncomfortable punching motion. G5® massage tools combine vibration and percussion to create a powerful yet comfortable gyratory pulsation, offering nuanced movement and pressure that provide true pain relief and therapeutic value to patients.

Explore Our Unique Devices for Physical Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, and Spa & Beauty

Enhance Your Physical Therapy Practice with G5 Devices

Our physical therapy devices are designed to deliver unparalleled performance and versatility, ensuring optimal patient outcomes and practitioner satisfaction.

Experience the Power of Gyratory Percussion and Interchangeable Head Systems

When foam rollers just won’t cut it for athletes, our devices utilize innovative gyratory percussion technology to enable precise and targeted muscle massages to heavily-exercised body parts and soft tissues like quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and lower back pain.

Meet Our Devices: GK3, GBM, and Pro Power


Empower sports therapists and chiropractors with the G5 GK-3, a versatile and robust massage device that minimizes the buildup of lactic acid, relieves muscle tension, improves range of motion, and enhances patient recovery time.


Experience portability and powerful performance with the G5 GBM, a handheld device perfect for chiropractors and physical therapists to warm up sore muscle groups, and provide deep, targeted relief.


Elevate physical therapy results with the G5 Pro-Power, an advanced massage device that improves delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and aids in pain relief and trigger-point reduction.

Revolutionize Respiratory Therapy with G5 Devices

Discover how our respiratory therapy recovery tools improve patient outcomes by offering unique treatment options, such as directional stroking massage therapy and multi-modality treatments.

Improve Patient Outcomes with Directional Stroking and Multi-Modality Treatment Options

Our devices combine advanced technology with ergonomic design to deliver unparalleled performance in treating various lung conditions.

Meet Our Devices: Vibracare, Vibromatic, Therassist, and Neocussor


Bring the power of directional stroking to respiratory therapy with the handheld G5 Vibracare, designed for effective COPD treatment and easy patient use.


Revolutionize respiratory therapy with the G5 TherAssist’s powerful gyratory percussion and digital controls, designed to enhance patient outcomes and streamline care.


Improve neonate lung function and outcomes with the G5 Neocussor, a compact, cordless, and easy-to-use device that reduces sepsis risk and supports infant wellness.

Elevate Your Spa and Beauty Treatments with G5 Devices

Transform your spa and beauty practice with our FDA-cleared devices designed to give deep tissue massages that reduce the appearance of cellulite, firm body contours, and stimulate blood flow and collagen production.

Deliver Outstanding Results with FDA-Cleared Technology and Collagen-Stimulating Solutions

Our devices harness the power of G5’s innovative vibration therapy technology to provide exceptional treatments that leave clients feeling revitalized and confident in their appearance.

Meet Our Devices: Cellutec and Esthetic Wand


Transform your spa and beauty treatments with the FDA-cleared G5 Cellutec, effectively reducing the appearance of cellulite and firming body contours.

Esthetic Wand

The G5 Esthetic Wand is a powerful handheld device designed to deliver professional results in the comfort of your home or at a spa. Its advanced technology helps reduce fine lines, improve skin elasticity, and enhance your complexion for a beautiful, youthful appearance.