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Trademark Information

The following are Registered Trademarks of General Physiotherapy, Inc. or its parent company, General MedVentures International, LLC:

I. Machines

  • Cellutec
  • Fleximatic
  • Flimm-Fighter
  • G5 Contour
  • GK-1
  • GK-3
  • Gx-99
  • Multimatic
  • Pro-Power
  • TherAssist
  • Vibracare
  • Vibramatic
  • Vibraport

II. Applicators

  • Shape of 209
  • Shape of 215
  • Shape of 216
  • Shape of 222
  • Shape of 223
  • Shape of 225
  • Shape of 227
  • Shape of 228
  • Shape of 229
  • Shape of 230

III. Lotions

  • Penecine
  • Senuva
  • Cellutec

IV. Words

  • Directional-Stroking
  • Directional Percussion
  • GX
  • Quick-Change
  • System H. Cuinier

V. Logos

  • G5 Man and Design Logo
  • Man in Letter G Logo
  • Directional-Stroking Force Diagram

The following are Trademarks of General Physiotherapy, Inc. or parent company, General MedVentrues International, LLC:

I. Machines

  • GBM
  • MD-2
  • MD2000
  • Neocussor
  • Workout Masseur
  • Gemini

II. Applicators

  • Shape of 217

IV. Words

  • G5
  • US Medical Web
  • Directional Massage
  • The Symbol of Quality and Reliability in Massage Machines
  • Genuine G5 Applicators- We’re known by our Shape and by our Threads – Symbols of Quality- Unchanged since 1957

V. Logos

  • The Original since 1957 Logo

Patent Information

The following are registered patents of General Physiotherapy, Inc. or of it’s parent company General MedVentures International, LLC.

  • Facial Massage Head – #4,919,117
  • GBM Handheld Massager – #6,478,755
  • Flimm Fighter – #4,757,806
  • Cordless Massager – #D367,712
  • MD 2000 Top – #D438,309
  • MD 2000 Base – #D437,713
  • Quick-Change Applicators – #7,354,408

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