G5® Athletic Massage Therapy Tools

Professional, college, and even amateur-level athletes today are willing to do whatever possible to produce faster speeds, shorter times, and peak performances. To do this, many of them are incorporating sports massage therapy into their weekly training regimen.

As a rapidly-evolving sub-specialty of the massage therapy field, a sports massage combines classic and specific techniques designed to provide therapeutic impact for the unique physical and bio-mechanical needs of athletes when a foam roller just won’t cut it. Not only do sports massages promise to help athletes relieve sore muscles, but they can actually help improve circulation and range of motion to make their game even better.

Do you want to offer the best technology to reduce recovery times and improve patient outcomes for athletes?

High-quality G5® technology products from General Physiotherapy are the perfect solution for both sports medicine professionals and massage therapists who want to provide the best possible care for their patients. With a range of products available, including the G5® GK3, Pro Power, and more, our G5® devices are the perfect solution for sports medicine clinics because they are backed by years of research and trusted by professionals around the world to deliver safe, effective treatment for a variety of medical conditions.

Further Information

Advantages of G5® Percussive Massagers

Reduction of Athlete's Inflammation

There are few areas where rapid reduction in pain/inflammation is more valuable than in competitive sport. When using G5® products in your athletic massages, the unique multi-directional stroking paired with the gyrator percussion addresses the mechanical and chemical irritation of the peripheral nerves. Put simply, this results in a greater reduction of inflammation because it helps treat neuropathic pain and neurogenic inflammation in the body parts.

Increased Recovery Time for Patient

Sports massages and vibration therapy can help restore blood flow to the muscle after strenuous activity. This, in turn, accelerates the recovery process while reducing the discomfort associated with muscle strains and soreness. In addition to alleviating this muscle tension, sports massages using G5® products can also minimize the buildup of lactic acid, thereby alleviating cramping in specific areas.
Overall, using G5® recovery tools can help improve your patients’ soft tissue injuries, muscle spasms, pressure sores, and edema, which facilitates an athlete’s swift return to physical activity.

Help Boost Patient's Athletic Performance

Studies show that sports massages can help improve delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), flexibility,* and range-of-motion. Not only that, it can also improve the athlete’s mood,* which can be helpful in cases such as alleviating stress after suffering an injury, helping an athlete cope with anxiety that may affect their performance, and boosting confidence before a game. In short, low-decibel percussive massagers can play a role in improving and maximizing an athlete’s performance.

Comfortable for the Patient

When using other percussion massage guns and mini massage guns on the market to warm up muscles, patients often describe the linear back-and-forth motion of the muscle massage gun’s percussive therapy to be an uncomfortable punching motion. G5® massage tools combine vibration and percussion to create a powerful yet comfortable gyratory pulsation, offering nuanced movement and pressure that provide true pain relief and therapeutic value to patients. Through the use of G5® products, sports clinics have noted better outcomes and less pharmaceutical usage among patients.

Versatile Applicators

We have a wide selection of massagers with different attachments, amplitude selections, speed settings, and other massage head attachments/applicators that you can choose from to best suit your patients’ unique needs. For example, our applicators can be used for specific procedures, such as fine and gross muscle relaxation, trigger-point reduction, deep tissue massages, movement of edema fluid, thermal massages, and more. Thanks to this wide and versatile selection of products—all with high amplitude, speed, and stall force—you can help reduce patients’ pain all over the body, including the hands, feet, and arms.

Mastered Easily

Professional massage and physical therapists have used G5® percussion products and deep tissue massage guns for over 65 years, offering real value to their patients. You can quickly master G5® products because it is intuitive, with an ergonomic design that makes handling each device easy. In no time, many customers feel that their G5® handheld massagers are extensions of their own hands.

Applications of G5® Athletic Massage Therapy Tools

G5 massage machines are the best massage guns/tools to use in your sports clinic. Chiropractors and other professional therapists use G5® products in a variety of settings and procedures to help with:

  • Relieving muscle soreness, upper/lower back pain, and skeletal pain due to overuse or exercise, getting patients back on their feet quicker
  • Improving relaxation and stress relief
  • Increasing circulation and vitality
  • Providing passive exercise to inactive muscles
  • Mobilizing edema fluid in swollen extremities
  • Preventing muscle fatigue and stiffness in heavily-exercised muscle groups like quads, glutes, and back muscles, plus hard to reach areas like the hamstrings and calves
  • Maintaining joint mobility and reduction of periscapular adhesions and joint edema
  • Maintaining muscle tone and circulation
  • Relieving physical, mental, and emotional fatigue
  • Enhancing lymphatic system drainage to promote health and detoxification

*G5® devices mimic the functionality of the therapies used in these studies.

Disclaimers – G5® devices should only be used under the direct supervision of licensed medical professionals.