G5 Medical Devices by General Physiotherapy

Your patients deserve only the best treatment. For more than 60 years, therapists have used G5® electromechanical massage and percussion modalities to complement their hands-on techniques, improving patient outcomes and reducing pharmaceutical use.

Why Choose G5®?

Therapists have chosen G5® products time and again because they use research-based best practices to deliver optimal results each and every time.

The main benefits G5® massage and percussion modalities provide include:

Powerful, deep massage or percussion, without tiring the therapist.

Shorter treatment time, which allows the therapist to treat more clients.

Combines hands-on massage and percussion techniques with the benefits of a quiet but powerful assistive modality.

Improves patient outcomes, reduces recidivism, and reduces their pharmaceutical use.

As a medical-grade product, G5® models offer robust warranties.

Who We Are

Since our inception in 1957, we have striven to deliver quality products that are not only expertly made, but also offer evidence-based benefits to both therapist and patient alike.

We differ from our competitors not only in the quality of our products’ manufacture, but also in their capabilities. Many other popular percussion and massage devices on the market perform a simple, tedious back-and-forth motion that can harm and distress patients. G5® massage and percussion products conversely offer an incredible range of speed and movements, meaning that you can pick the multidirectional movement and speed setting to best suit each individual patient’s unique needs.

This distinction in quality is why professionals all over the world use genuine G5® brand massage and percussion products in countless fields, including:

Respiratory therapy
Spa and beauty
Physical therapy
Chiropractic therapy
Sports medicine
Veterinary medicine
Plastic surgery
Home healthcare

G5® products are recognized as the most powerful, reliable, and durable in the world. We are proud to state that there are no reports of genuine G5® products causing an injury to any patient or client, nor any damage to any property in our 60 plus-year history.

We welcome you to explore the ever-expanding applications for our G5® line of products.

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Our company, General Physiotherapy, Inc., is based in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. Our sister company, Physiotherapie Generale France, is based in Casteljaloux, France. We are the sole manufacturers and distributors of genuine G5® brand massage and percussion products.

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NOTICE: All G5® massage and percussion modalities are produced for 24-volt DC operation, with proprietary power connectors as standard accessories, which automatically convert 100-to-240 volt, 50/60 Hz input to 24 volt DC output.

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