History of G5®

The technology behind G5® products—a multi-directional stroking system that closely mimics advanced hand techniques—has been around for more than 50 years.

Back in the 50s, a French engineer formerly with Renault named Henri Cuinier invented a device that oscillates as it percusses, resulting in a more effective deep tissue massage. As a result, he patented and began manufacturing G5® Massage Modalities in Marmande, France in 1957.

After acquiring international distribution rights in the 1980s, production began on an expanded line of G5® massagers and percussion products. With factories now in St. Louis, Missouri and Casteljaloux, France, we are able to distribute our products throughout the world today.

G5® Today

With more than 250,000 G5® massage and percussion products sold worldwide, the G5® brand of products has become firmly established as part of the basic equipment of professional therapists in the fields of respiratory therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic sports medicine, and spa and beauty salons throughout the world.

Our products are used in professional sports every day across the world including for international FIFA soccer teams and numerous NFL teams. Even Derek Jeter has a G5® Professional Massager.

Besides professional sports use, our products are also designed and manufactured for regular clinical use. We have received countless reports of users that have had the same machine for 20, 30, and even 40 years. This is because we use an over-specced power supply and motor combo to minimize burnout.

We are continuing to sponsor and are currently commissioning pioneering research into the effects of lower frequency waves traversing tissue—the kind our devices produce—and how the effect is better and different than a straight percussive. We welcome you to our website, and look forward to working with you to develop new and imaginative uses for our excellently-engineered line of G5® massage and percussion products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually innovate and expand our product offerings to meet the diverse needs of therapists in various fields, while maintaining the highest standards of engineering, manufacturing, and customer support. We strive to provide cutting-edge, effective, and versatile treatments that enhance the practices of professional therapists and improve the lives of their patients.

Our Values

At G5, our core values guide our decisions and actions:

  • Innovation: Continuously developing new technologies and products to better serve our customers and their patients.
  • Quality: Ensuring the highest standards of engineering and manufacturing for our devices.
  • Versatility: Offering a wide range of devices and treatment options to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
  • Customer Focus: Providing excellent support and service to our customers, helping them to integrate G5 devices into their practices effectively and seamlessly.

Our History

Henri Cuinier invents and patents G5® Massage Modalities in Marmande, France.

General Physiotherapy becomes the North American distributor for all G5® products.
General Physiotherapy’s commitment to excellence wins us worldwide distribution rights and expands G5® production with factories in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and Casteljaloux, France.
G5® devices receive expanded FDA clearance, solidifying their position as reliable and effective medical tools in various therapeutic settings.
G5® introduces a line of products designed specifically for the spa and beauty market, expanding their customer base.
G5® introduces the Neocussor, a unique device designed to improve lung function in neonates, addressing an unmet need in neonatal care.
G5® develops a digital, solid-state control system, allowing for more precise therapy applications and improved user experience.
G5® collaborates with leading industry professionals to create comprehensive training programs and resources, helping practitioners optimize their use of G5® devices in therapy.
G5® celebrates over 200,000 G5® massage and percussion products sold worldwide- with more than 1 Billion hours of operation, with a strong presence in respiratory therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic sports medicine, and spa and beauty salons globally.

Join Our Community

We invite you to explore our website, learn more about our innovative G5 devices, and discover how our products can elevate your practice. As we continue to expand and evolve, we look forward to working with you to develop new and imaginative uses for our excellently-engineered line of G5® massage and percussion products, all in the pursuit of helping people live their best, most healthy lives.