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G5 Vibramatic Digital - G5 General Physiotherapy, Inc.
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G5 Vibramatic Digital



Upgrade your respiratory therapy practice with the G5 Vibramatic Digital, featuring solid-state controls, timer, and multiple treatment modalities for optimized patient care.

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G5 Vibramatic Digital

The G5 Vibramatic Digital is a game-changer for my respiratory therapy practice. It allows me to provide more effective and efficient treatments to my patients with COPD and other lung ailments.

G5 Vibramatic Digital

I love the digital controls on the G5 Vibramatic Digital. They allow me to precisely customize the intensity and duration of treatment, ensuring that my patients receive the best possible care.

G5 Vibramatic Digital

The G5 Vibramatic Digital is a very versatile device. The interchangeable heads make it easy to switch between different treatment modalities, depending on the needs of my patient.

G5 Vibramatic Digital

I highly recommend the G5 Vibramatic Digital to any respiratory therapist looking for a powerful and versatile percussion massager.


The G5 Vibramatic Digital is an advanced percussion massager designed for professional respiratory therapists. With its digital solid-state controls and timer for Chest Physiotherapy in clinical settings, this device offers precise control and customization for a wide range of treatments. The Vibramatic Digital is based on the core G5 technology, utilizing G5’s unique gyratory percussion technology, which provides both multi-directional and directional stroking patterns. This allows the device to more accurately mimic advanced hand techniques compared to the straight percussors offered by competitors like Theragun and Hyperice.

With multiple interchangeable heads for various treatment modalities, the Vibramatic Digital can be used for both multi-directional and directional treatments, making it a versatile tool for respiratory therapists. Its robust build quality and 3-year unlimited warranty ensure it can withstand punishing clinical use and provide long-lasting value to healthcare professionals.

As a core product in the respiratory therapy market, the G5 Vibramatic Digital is perfect for treating patients with COPD and other lung ailments, delivering effective and efficient care. It is FDA cleared, ensuring its safety and effectiveness in providing the best possible care to patients.

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